Jackass Mountain Ranch

Jackass Mountain Ranch, Inc. is Washington State's largest producer of early season sweet cherries. We are a family run farming operation specializing in cherries. We have been growing cherries for over 20 years. Some orchards we own are nearly 50 years old and are planted in some of the most desirable locations available. For years, our growing lot #223 has been a prefered lot of buyers world wide. Our season typically runs from early June to early July.

We have devoloped much of our own equipment and harvest systems to do a better job of delivering higher quality cherries to market. Most of our 400 acres of cherries will be harvested in two weeks. The cherries are all picked by hand. In a typical season we will employ over 800 pickers, and have had in excess of 1000. With our systems, the cherries are hydrocooled within 1 hour of being picked, and in route to our packing facility within 2 hours. Proper cold chain is essential for good quality cherries. For every hour we are able to cool the cherries off sooner, we are able to extend shelf life by an entire day.

Taking Pride in packing

In 2005 we built our own packing facility. Currently we pack 50% of our field production with the balance being packed at Northern Fruit Company in Wenatchee, WA. For the 2008 crop year we have entered an agreement with Chelan Fresh in Chelan, WA to handle the marketing and sales of the fruit we pack.

Thank you for reviewing our site. Be sure to watch our website in the coming year as we have the time to update. We will be showing you some of the ways we do things to bring you the best quality fruit we can.

Look for our Crown J brand at many of your favorite grocers worldwide.




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